CBD Drops Dosage

What’s the right dose of CBD to take?

CBD Dosage – what’s the right dose of CBD to take?

There is no universally ‘right’ dose of CBD. For different conditions, different amounts are recommended to be taken daily. Studies show that cannabidiol oil is Bi-phasic. This means its effects vary and are dependent on how much is taken.

The amount to take to help with the most commonly related conditions are:

Anxiety – 10 to 50 mg

Chronic pain – 2.5 to 20 mg

Epilepsy – 200 to 300 mg

Sleep disorders – 40 to 160 mg

Our oral CBD tinctures come in two different strengths; 500mg and 1500mg. Each bottle contains 30ml of CBD oil with an easy-to-use tincture – they are effortless to apply sublingually. Currently, we stock two flavours, both of which can be added to any food or drink you wish; these are mint and natural flavour.

Can you take too much CBD?

In 2017, a study on cannabidiol oil and CBD products showed that persistent intake at up to 1500 mg a day is well tolerated by humans. In taking ‘too much’ the likelihood of side effects is higher. However, side effects related to CBD are non-fatal and non-long-lasting. Side effects include:

Decreased appetite

If you do begin to feel any of these side effects, it’s a good idea to reduce your dosage and continue from there.

Can you overdose on CBD?

To overdose on CBD products, estimates suggest that you would have to consume around 414,000 mg. Our 30ml tinctures contain either 500 or 1500mg of cannabidiol oil – making it impossible to overdose on.

Is CBD addictive?

CBD contains no THC (the psychoactive element in the cannabis plant which has been found to be addictive) and has been found to help in drug addiction recovery.

CBD Drops

CBD Drops and why they’re so popular now

Oral CBD tinctures are one of the most common types of CBD products currently on the market. Their popularity comes from the versatility, ease of use and convenience that they provide.

They are easy to use and extremely mobile, with the average tincture easily fitting in any size pocket or handbag.

Some of us may not be comfortable overtly taking medicinal products in front of others and, due to their small form factor, CBD drops in tinctures are very discreet. Don’t let their small size deceive you, however, as just two to three drops from our 30ml CBD oil is enough to provide you with the relief that you require. With two different strengths (500mg and 1500mg) the options are there for you no matter your condition.

For those who struggle to take pills and capsules, tinctures are a great alternative that requires little to no effort to consume. Simply place two to three drops of our CBD Oil under your tongue and hold for one minute without swallowing.

Cannabidiol oil does have a distinct taste, which is why we provide a mint flavoured alternative for those who prefer it to the natural flavour, which is easily washed away with a sip of water if needed.

A sublingual such as CBD drops is one of the fastest-acting ways to take CBD – taking just 15 to 25 minutes for effects to be felt. As the mouth is covered in tissues and capillaries, substances are fast to not only be absorbed but also provide relief.

The quality of CBD products can massively affect the speed of relief and effectiveness of your cannabidiol oil overall. ACE personally guarantees our quality and potency through 3rd party lab testing. Our full spectrum CO2 extracted CBD oil is grown with no herbicides, pesticides, or solvents and does not contain ingredients such as fillers, additives or preservatives.

CBD Edibles

What are the benefits of CBD Edibles?

CBD edibles are ideal for those of us who are looking for a quick and easy way to enjoy the multiple benefits of cannabidiol oil. We offer a range of delicious CBD gummy sweets including cola bottles, gummy bears and jelly rings. For our vegetarian friends, we also stock vegetarian CBD capsules.

Our collection of premium CBD supplements are available in different strengths; 10mg and 25mg. Perfect for both beginners and those who have been sharing the advantages of CBD for longer.

Reaping the rewards is easy. Just take one or two gummy sweets or capsules each day to enjoy the following benefits.

Mental Health
Studies have shown that CBD can have a positive effect on calming individuals who suffer from depression and anxiety. Taking CBD edibles before a stressful event can help ease the situation and lower your stress levels. Our GMP approved products can help you relax and feel serene again.

Chronic Pain
Many people use CBD products to ease their debilitating pain. It is a safe and natural way to minimise daily discomfort caused by headaches, fibromyalgia and arthritis or joint pain. CBD also reduces inflammation and relaxes muscles, essential for effective chronic pain relief.

Improve Sleep Quality
Lots of people claim to have dramatically improved sleep when frequently taking CBD products. This allows you to reduce your insomnia and feel more energised during the day.

Epilepsy and Seizures
Medical experts agree that CBD can benefit hard-to-treat forms of epilepsy. In some cases, it has been claimed that patients have experienced a dramatic reduction in their seizures.

There are many advantageous benefits to taking CBD edibles. If you’re intrigued as to how CBD can help you, why not take a look at our range of the best CBD products.

Oral CBD Tinctures

Oral CBD Tinctures vs CBD Oil – What’s the difference?

If you’re new to the world of CBD, cannabidiol oil, you may be wondering what the difference is between oral CBD tinctures and CBD oil. We’ve broken down the basics so you can find the best CBD product for your needs.

Tinctures are medicines in which a plant extract is dissolved in alcohol. They are usually administered sublingually, by placing a few drops under the tongue. Holding the liquid in that spot for up to 60 seconds allows the CBD to be rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream.

This method allows for quick absorption and means you can be enjoying the benefits of CBD faster than other methods of consumption. Oral CBD tinctures can also be added to food or drink. Why not add it to your morning cup of tea or coffee? We offer a range of exciting flavours so you can personalise your CBD experience.

CBD oil is created by extracting CBD from the cannabis plant and diluting it in a carrier oil. CBD oil is often used topically. By applying directly to the skin, the CBD oil can soothe complaints such as acne or scarring. The presence of oil also makes it moisturising and soothing. It is often added to creams or balms for an instant calming effect. CBD tinctures are not used in this way.

Oils and tinctures are the most commonly known methods of consuming cannabidiol oils. At Ace CBD, we offer different strengths so you can customise your experience and find the right dose. We also offer a wide range of edibles and topical CBD products in our online shop. From CBD gummy sweets to 30ml oral tinctures, you’re sure to find the best product for you

CBD Edibles for Vegetarians

CBD Edibles for Vegetarians

Here at AceCBD, we want to find the perfect CBD solutions for everyone. That is why we have chosen to include vegetarian CBD edibles to our collection. 

While CBD products come in a range of options, from oral tinctures to topical choices such as lip balms and massage creams – we understand that this just isn’t a one size fits all. 

Our edibles offer you the same benefits you can find from ingesting CBD in a form that can be easier to consume for you. 

Vegetarian Capsules

Oral CBD products can be absorbed by your body in a quicker and more efficient way than other options. That’s why we have specially designed our incredible vegetarian capsules.

The process is very simple, simply take 1 to 2 of these capsules and swallow them with a sip of water. 

Once they are down the hatch, the vegetarian shell will quickly dissolve allowing all of the delicious and nutritious CBD to do its job. 

Our CBD capsules come in two different strengths, 10mg and 25mg. This allows you to take complete control over how much you’d like to take. These specific vegetarian CBD capsules come in packs of 60. 

Why Take CBD Edibles 

There are so many reasons to why a person may decide to add CBD edibles into their life. You can find they help with stress and anxiety. 

For those of us with depression, these can be a great way to help you lift your mood. There are also some studies happening to find out if it benefits those with neurological disorders. 

A major reason for CBD edible use is to relieve pain. CBD may help reduce chronic pain by impacting endocannabinoid receptor activity, reducing inflammation and interacting with neurotransmitters – you can learn more about this in the study conducted in 2018.

If you’re ready to try CDB then head on over to our shop. Here you can browse our selection and find the right option for you. 

CBD Oil 30ml

Selecting your favourite CBD oil (30ml) flavour

CBD oil is bursting with goodness. Whether you’re dealing with pain, depression, arthritis or something completely different – these CBD tinctured could be the natural remedy you have been waiting for. While the health benefits are there, one thing we don’t speak about enough is the flavour. That’s why, today, we’ll be helping you select the perfect 30ml bottle of CBD oil for your tastebuds. 

Mint Flavour CBD Oil – 30ml:

Oral CBD products can have you reaping the benefits very quickly. By simply popping a few little drops under your tongue, your body will start to absorb this healing liquid. 

If you’re looking for a bright and flavorful kick then we highly recommend our mint flavour. 

If you’re a mint lover already, you’ll be familiar with this fresh and cooling experience. For those who may not always choose this route, our mint is a bit sweet and produces a lingering cool effect as you may expect. 

If icy cool doesn’t tickle your fancy that is absolutely fine – we also have a natural flavour available. 

Natural Flavour CBD Oil – 30ml:

Our natural CBD tinctures are a great option for those who don’t want to mask the flavour. 

This unrefined flavour is simple and real. Great for a no-nonsense approach to CBD.  

These CBD oral tinctures in the UK are completely legal and delicious. They don’t necessarily have to be dropped under your tongue to get working either. You can view our previous blog on How to use Oral CBD tinctures for further information.

You can browse our selection of CBD oil 30ml bottles along with our edibles and topical CBD products. We have a great range for you to sample and try to ultimately find the perfect option for your needs. 

CBD tincture CBD Oil 30 mm

How to use Oral CBD tinctures

Oral CBD tinctures are a great way of taking CBD, but trying them can be daunting for new users. Here are a few ways of using Oral tinctures to get the best out of your CBD oil.


As oral CBD tinctures are highly concentrated, you should take them in very small doses – as few as 2-3 drops. Our tinctures come with a ML dropper, which makes the process of ingesting the CBD very simple. Larger doses aren’t dangerous by any means, but are generally unnecessary and could be a waste when only a few drops would be needed. 

Under the Tongue

One way of utilising your oral CBD tincture is to take it sublingually. This entails placing 2-3 drops under your tongue and holding them there for around a minute, to allow the CBD to absorb into your body, before swallowing. This method is considered the most efficient way of ingesting CBD, as the substance absorbs into your body faster than with other oral methods, such as CBD edibles.

Mix it in

Some people dislike the process of taking oral CBD tinctures sublingually as the oil by itself can be a bit bitter. A safe, easy method of using tinctures is to mix the CBD oil into food or drinks. This way, the CBD will still be absorbed into your body, but without the hassle of having to hold it under your tongue. CBD coffee and tea are two tried and tested methods of ingesting your CBD tinctures orally.

Now that you know how, visit our shop and try our oral CBD tinctures, or browse our extensive catalogue of other CBD products. While you’re here, feel free to check out our other blog posts for more tips and information on our CBD collection.

CBD Oil Drops CBD Oil 30 mm

Why use Oral CBD Tinctures?

A “tincture” is any kind of medicine that is kept in liquid form in an alcohol arrangement. Though they are also derived from hemp, a tincture is not the same as pure CBD oil. Both oral CBD tinctures and CBD edibles have potential benefits to our health, so why use oral CBD tinctures?


While CBD oil is known for being ingested using the vape method, oral CBD tinctures are far more versatile. Due to their alcohol base, tinctures can be easily ingested by mixing them into any food, or even taken by themselves by placing 2-3 drops on your tongue. 

Unlike pure CBD oil, which has an unpleasant taste, oral CBD tinctures come in a variety of flavours – such as our mint and natural selection – which makes their ingestion all the more enjoyable. 

Oral CBD tinctures also have a far longer shelf life than CBD oil, owing to their preservative alcohol base. This means you’re in no rush to finish your bottle before it goes out of date, and can enjoy your oral CBD tinctures at your own pace.


Oral CBD tinctures are among the fastest at treating conditions among CBD products. Due to their oral ingestion, the CBD can enter your bloodstream almost instantaneously. This makes them highly effective for users taking CBD products to cope with the effects of anxiety. The rapid response time of oral CBD tinctures also makes them especially efficient when taken to soothe aches and pains in joints and muscles.

Here at Ace CBD we carry oral CBD tinctures, as well as other useful CBD products for you to try. Check out our shop to find the CBD products right for you, and take a look at our blog to learn more about our winning brand!

CBD oil dripping into jar

Understanding the difference between CBD oil and hemp oil

Both CBD oil and hemp oil are unique and have the potential to benefit our health. However, understanding the differences between the two will ensure you’re using the right one based on your needs. Find out more about the differences between hemp and CBD oil below.

The key difference

Obviously, the main active ingredient in CBD oil is CBD. Its main role is to regulate the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for maintaining proper internal balance. On the other hand, what we know as hemp oil, now mostly referred to as hemp seed oil, doesn’t contain any cannabinoids or CBD. Instead, it is a blend of nutrients like protein and vitamin E.

How they are sourced

Hemp and CBD come from different parts of the cannabis plant. Hemp oil comes from the seeds (which is why it’s now more commonly referred to as hemp seed oil), while CBD products use the entire plant.

Hemp oil is made using a process called cold pressing, which preserves the nutritious, raw contents of the seeds. However, because CBD oil is made using different elements of the cannabis plant, a method known as extraction is used instead.

The benefits

While both hemp oil and CBD edibles can support our health and wellness, the benefits of the products are different. Thanks to its nutritious value, hemp oil is considered a superfood by many and is now being used in smoothies or as a substitute for olive oil. CBD, on the other hand, is used to support recovery after exercise and is also reported to help with anxiety, inflammation and sleep.

At Ace CBD, we stock CBD products in a variety of forms, including oral CBD tinctures and topical CBD. Take a look at our shop to find the product that’s right for you – or read our other blog posts to learn more.