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How to use Oral CBD tinctures

Oral CBD tinctures are a great way of taking CBD, but trying them can be daunting for new users. Here are a few ways of using Oral tinctures to get the best out of your CBD oil.


As oral CBD tinctures are highly concentrated, you should take them in very small doses – as few as 2-3 drops. Our tinctures come with a ML dropper, which makes the process of ingesting the CBD very simple. Larger doses aren’t dangerous by any means, but are generally unnecessary and could be a waste when only a few drops would be needed. 

Under the Tongue

One way of utilising your oral CBD tincture is to take it sublingually. This entails placing 2-3 drops under your tongue and holding them there for around a minute, to allow the CBD to absorb into your body, before swallowing. This method is considered the most efficient way of ingesting CBD, as the substance absorbs into your body faster than with other oral methods, such as CBD edibles.

Mix it in

Some people dislike the process of taking oral CBD tinctures sublingually as the oil by itself can be a bit bitter. A safe, easy method of using tinctures is to mix the CBD oil into food or drinks. This way, the CBD will still be absorbed into your body, but without the hassle of having to hold it under your tongue. CBD coffee and tea are two tried and tested methods of ingesting your CBD tinctures orally.

Now that you know how, visit our shop and try our oral CBD tinctures, or browse our extensive catalogue of other CBD products. While you’re here, feel free to check out our other blog posts for more tips and information on our CBD collection.

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