CBD Edibles vs CBD Oil – which should I choose?

At ACE CBD we specialise in oral CBD tinctures and CBD edibles. All of our award-winning products are GMP approved, so we’ve got the expertise to explain some of the differences (and indeed similarities) between the two.

What are CBD tinctures and their advantages?

A CBD oral tincture is a medicine in which CBD extract is in alcohol or other appropriate carrier liquid and they are taken sublingually, meaning a few drops are placed under the tongue which allows the extracts to be quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. It is also incredibly easy, and just as effective, to mix the recommended dosage of CBD drops into food or drink to allow the CBD extract to be absorbed into your bloodstream that way. This means that oral CBD tinctures are often a more pleasant alternative to pills or capsules.

Our range of 30ml CBD tinctures come in both the natural flavouring and a mint flavouring, as some people may find the natural taste of the CBD extracts to be slightly bitter. Our Oral CBD tinctures also have a long-lasting shelf life thanks to their alcohol base, which adds to their versatility as a CBD product.

What are CBD edibles and their advantages?

CBD edibles are ingestible food items containing CBD, but remember that it doesn’t include active THC so you won’t get the ‘high’ often associated with edible products containing marijuana.

CBD edibles are great for those who are looking for a quick and easy, as well as potentially more discreet, way to reap the benefits of CBC extract whilst on the go. We have a variety of CBD gummies – cola bottles, gummy bears, and rings, and we also stock vegetarian CBC capsules for those who would be put off by the gelatin content of gummy sweets.

Our CBD edibles are tasty and are practically just like any other gummy sweet, just with all the extra health benefits of CBD extract. For some people they may be a more practical and less medicinal-feeling way of intaking and benefiting from CBD.

How long do they both take for a potential effect?

The intended effects of CBD edibles and CBD oral tinctures are ultimately the same, but the method of intake, and therefore absorption rate differs.

CBD oral tinctures’ effects will be felt quicker, as the CBD extract reaches the bloodstream faster (due to its bioavailability). To put this in context, the effects of CBD edibles would likely be felt between an hour and two hours, whereas the effects of a dose of CBD oral tincture could be felt after under an hour. As this is the only major difference, it really just comes down to personal preference for which of our CBD products would be most suited to you.

Both CBD edibles and CBD tinctures will have the same purported positive effects for those who are prone to depression and anxiety as well as both being a safe and natural way to reduce the daily discomfort of arthritis, joint pain, or other chronic pain conditions.

Whichever form of CBD form you choose, it is worth starting with a small dose and building up to check what level suits your body best.

All of our CBD products come in two different strengths – 500mg and 1500mg. This is because different amounts of CBD are recommended for the treatment of different conditions. We have further information regarding this, and other specifics on our website. Alternatively, if you’re still unsure about which product is best for you, please do contact us directly if you have any queries and we’d love to help.